The International Clarinets

The ‘International Clarinets’ was founded by Eddy Vanoosthuyse, professor at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. The ensemble is composed only of his (former) students of 'Hogeschool Ghent, Campus Royal Conservatory' and Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts.

Because of the great international attraction interest in his studio, over the years, the choir has had musicians from Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hongary, Bulgary, Lithuania, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, China, Japan and Irak.

The ‘International Clarinets’ brings original work (Goddaer, Decancq, Bozza,…) and transcriptions of mainly symphonic music, such as the Festive Ouverture/Sjostakovich, Till Eulenspiegel/Strauss, Willem Tell/Rossini, Toccata and Fuga/Bach,… The main arranger for the 'International Clarinets' is Guido Six.

The choir also supports students who need to take their bachelor, master or master after master examination. For such occasions arrangements of the concerti of Molter, Stamitz, Weber, Bassi, Finzi, Copland, Seiber,… were made. Works by Steve Reich or Luc Breways are also on the repertoire.

The ‘International Clarinets’ recorded 2 CD’s and performed in Belgium, Holland, France, Spain and Italy.