Because of the problems around COVID-19, the board of the International Clarinet Competition Ghent, took a few decisions :

  1. The piece of Alain Crepin will be canceled from the pre-selection.  We cannot guarantee that every candidate gets the music on time to prepare in the best way.  Lam Gods Impressions will be added to the second round of the competition.
  2. It is allowed to send in recordings of the Mozart Concerto (1° movement, exposition) also without piano.  This will have no influence on the judgment.
  3. I. Stravinsky / 3 Pieces (in a continuous video)

Actual Competition

1° round online

(only for selected candidates)

  1. C. Debussy / Première Rhapsodie (obligated and by memory)
  2. Make your choice:
    • E. Carter / Gra
    • E. Denissow / Sonata
    • F. Donatoni / Clair
    • A. Laporte / Reflections
    • B. Mantovani / Bug
    • W. Westerlinck / Talisman

2° round

  1. G. Rossini / Introduction, Theme and Variations (obligated and by memory)
  2. A. Crepin / Lam Gods Impressions (edition IMD - Arpèges) (obligated)
  3. Make your choice:
    • E. Carter / Concerto
    • C. Nielsen / Concerto
    • A. Tansman / Concerto
    • A. Copland / Concerto

Semi Final

with mixed choir (obligated)

  1. J. Duijck / L'homme Désarmé. Available  through IMD - Arpèges.

with string quartet

  1. Make your choice:
    • W. A. Mozart / Quintet
    • C. M. von Weber / Quintet
    • J. Brahms / Quintet


  1. a solo piece (without electronics, without tape,...... only clarinet) that is not in the program of the competition


with Flanders Symphony Orchestra

  1. D. Brossé / The Secret of the Mystic Lamb (obligated and available from September 2020 through Dirk Brossé)
  2. Make your choice:
    • C. M. von Weber / Concerto N°1
    • C. M. von Weber / Concerto N°2
    • L. Spohr / Concerto N°1
    • L. Spohr / Concerto N°2