Competition Rules

1. Participant information

The ‘INTERNATIONAL Junior CLARINET COMPETITION TILBURG’ is open to clarinetists up to 18 years (born after April 6, 2002).

There is no minium age limit.

2. Competition location

The competition will take place April 4-5, 2020 in the Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts Tilburg (Conservatory Tilburg/The Netherlands).

3. Categories and participation requirements

The competition has three categories in which participants may compete:

  • Junior category (born after April 6, 2008)
  • Intermediate category (born between April 6, 2005 and April 5, 2008)
  • Senior category (born between April 6, 2002 and April 5, 2005)

Participants have to prepare ONE composition.

Participants who started with clarinet AFTER the age of 10 may apply to participate in a different category than his/her age category. A special document is required from the director of the participant’s music academy or music school. In this case, the maximum age is strictly put at 20 years (born after April 6, 2000).
A participant can, conferring the level of the chosen piece, choose him/her self to be evaluated in a higher degree than his age level. It is important that this is asked personally by the candidate.

4. Competition Format

The competition consists of one round per category, in a pre-determined order in front of a professional jury. The organization can decide to organize the competition in 2 rounds, where in both cases the program will be 1 chosen piece by the candidate. If the competition is organized in 2 rounds, the competition will be evaluated per round and there will be no transmission of points between both rounds.

5. The Jury

The jury consists of specialists with at least 4 European nationalities.
The organization may choose only one jury member that is not a clarinetist.
The chairperson and the secretary are not required to give marks, and are therefore not required to be clarinet specialists.
The decision of the jury is final.

6. Jury Limitations

Jury members (of all categories) are not permitted to allocate marks and vote for :
A) Current students (who have been a student of the specified juror for at least 1 year)
B) Past students (who have been a student of the specified juror for at least 1 year)
C) Family members until the 3° degree

7. Accompanists and page turners

The organizers will provide accompanists if needed. The rehearsal with the accompanist will take place on the day of the competition. The participants will be notified in advanced of the time and location of the rehearsal and their allowed competition time.
The maximum time of rehearsals will be the same for all participants (per categories).
Participants are allowed to play with their own accompanist; they notify the organization at least 3 weeks before the competition date. However, the organization will not provide financial compensation for any private accompanists.
The organization will not provide page turners (not for private accompanists, nor accompanists provided by the organization).
The teacher of the student may not be present on stage at any time. If the candidate brings a page turner on stage, he/she will have to prove he/she is not the teacher.

8. Allocated performance times

Due to time constraints, judges may ask a participant to stop at any given time during the performance. This interruption will not affect the results or chances of the candidate in any way.
The maximum allocated time is:

  • Junior Category: 6 minutes
  • Intermediate Category: 10 minutes
  • Senior Category: 15 minutes

In the case of a work exceeding the allocated performance time, the jury may request the participant to perform any part of the piece.

9. Competition order

The competition will take place in the following order :

  • Junior category (alphabetical order)
  • Intermediate category (alphabetical order)
  • Senior category (alphabetical order)

Alphabetical order will be according to the first letter of the official last name of the participant.
The organization will draw lots to determine where in the alphabet the competition will commence.
The order of the competition will be given to all participants before the rehearsal. Participants are required to be present at least one hour before the allocated performance time.
If a participant choses to play with one of the organization’s appointed accompanists, he/she is required to be present for the rehearsal at least 30 minutes in advance. It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure that he/she is on time for the scheduled rehearsal. Under no circumstances will rehearsals be rescheduled.
If a participant is late for his/her stage performance, he/she will be eliminated from the competition.

10. Entrance fee and application

Inscriptions have to be done BEFORE MARCH 20, 2020 on the website of IMP The competition entrance fee is 20€ and will be payable on the day of the competition.
A PDF of the piano part of the chosen piece needs to be sent by the participant to at the latest 3 weeks before the competition. He/she and his/her pianist are obliged to play from the original parts. Failure to adhere to the requirements will exclude the candidate.
The chosen work may NOT be changed after the application has been submitted.

11. Public performance 

The competition is open to the public. Accompanists and family members of participants are also encouraged to listen to other participants.

12. Results and feedback

The results will be announced after the jury have deliberated. This will take place after each of the three categories. Participants are required to be present at this time to receive diplomas and prizes.
After the winners are announced from each respective category, the judges will be available for feedback.

13. Prizes

The winner of each category will receive a free participation in ‘Clarinets on Stage.BE’ (April 8-11, 2020). The organization does not provide extra hotel accommodation between April 6 and April 8 (the days between both projects). The participation in Clarinets on Stage.BE is totally free for the prizewinners (lessons, rehearsals, accommodation, catering, transport but excluding the extra costs for food and drinks). There is a possibility that more prizewinners will get free participation in the stage.
The laureate(s) will be added in to the ACADEMY level of the project. It is possible that he/she/they will be added to the MASTERCLASSES.
Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the organization.
The jury reserves the right to withhold a prize.
The first three laureates of each category may use the title of ‘Laureate of the INTERNATIONAL Junior CLARINET COMPETITION TILBURG’.

14. Instruments permitted

The 'International Junior Clarinet Competition Tilburg' is primarily organized for B-flat and A clarinet, but performances on E-flat -, Alto – and Bass clarinet are also encouraged.

15. Recordings

No recordings of any kind will be allowed of the performance without specific prior consent from the organization.
The organization may decide to record any part of the competition, and maintain exclusive rights to all recorded materials.

16. Organizational indemnity

The organization does not take responsibility for any accidents that may occur in and around the conservatory or on the way to the competition/ rehearsal. This is applicable to participants, accompanists, family members and page turners.

17. General Data Protection

The personal data of the candidate are only provided to the organization’s secretariat and are only used for their organizations. Personal data are protected against irregular processing and are never passed on to parties with whom IMP has no processing agreement. The candidate can always retrieve the personal data at IMP to view it and possibly correct it.

18. Language 

In the event of a discussion, only the Dutch-language regulations are used as an official document.

19. Adherence to rules and regulations

By entering the competition, participants agree to adhere to all the above stipulated rules and regulations.