Online by video, sent BEFORE June 30 midnight Belgian time.

  1. C. Debussy / Première Rhapsodie (obligated with piano accompaniment - 1 video) 
  2. I. Stravinsky / Three Pieces movement 2 & 3 (only one video for the 2 movements)

The video recordings should show the clarinetist including the face and the fingers and should be recorded inside (so no exterior recordings will be accepted).
The recordings will be evaluated (only the audio) by an international jury.

Actual Competition

The obligated pieces of Patricia Gil Jiménez and Erik Desimpelaere will be available with the different editors between June 1 and July 1. As soon as we have the links to order these music we will add them on the website.
The music of the piece of Johan Duijck will be sent to each selected candidate for free after their inscription to the actual competition.

1° Round


  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Concerto - 1st
  2. Patricia Gil Jiménez / Rhythms and Tones for the Angels for clarinet and electronics (Edition IMD - order here)

The first round will be performed without a rehearsal with the pianist.

2° Round

Obligated piece:

  1. Robert Schumann / Fantasiestücke Op.73

Make your choice:

  1. Francis Poulenc / Sonata
  2. Leonard Bernstein / Sonata
  3. Charles-Marie Widor / Introduction et Rondo Op.72
  4. Jacqueline Fontyn / Mime II (Edition Bote & Bock)

Make your choice:

  1. Ida Gotkovsky / Concerto Lyrique (Edition Billaudot)
  2. Aaron Copland / Concerto
  3. Henri Tomasi / Concerto
  4. Jeanine Rueff / Concertino (Edition Alphonse Leduc)

Semi Final

Obligated piece:

  1. Johan Duijck / Ich Liebe Dich for 3 clarinets, piano and mixed choir

This piece will be performed with the 'Gents Madrigaalkoor' conducted by the composer.


  1. Solopiece for clarinet (no electronics, no tape, .... only clarinet)

Make your choice:

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Quintet
  2. Carl Maria von Weber / Quintet
  3. Johannes Brahms / Quintet
  4. Max Reger / Quintet

The Quintet will be performed with the Zemlinksy Quartet.


Obligated piece:

  1. Erik Desimpelaere / Concerto

Make your choice:

  1. Carl Maria von Weber / Concerto nr 2
  2. Louis Spohr / Concerto nr 1
  3. Louis Spohr / Concerto nr 2
  4. Frères Bender / Grand Concerto (Edition IMD)
  5. Karel Lodewijk Hanssens / Concertino nr 1 (Metropolis Music Editions)

The final will be performed with orchestra.